West Side Story

Commissioned to produce a poster for the advertising of the Bournemouth University Parts dramatic group's production of West Side Story, directed by Jack Diplock.
Printed in a range of sizes from A1 to A4.

 I wanted to put across the Brooklyn back streets feel where the musical is set, incorporating the recognisable fire escapes and windows into a bold and powerful setting within the striking text. The objective is to quickly grab peoples attention through the bold text, then the subtleties of the urban motive and screen-printed texture come into play giving a visually interesting piece that will hold the viewers attention. I screen-printed the original text to achieve the grainy and gritty effect that compliments the urban underdog theme of the musical.

Seeing my work professionally printed on A1 was really inspiring and I'm looking to go back into producing large works, rather than the smaller prints I'm now doing. The visual impact of a large textured image is stunning.


Finishing the String internet


After many delays the string internet has finally reached its conclusion. The huge mass takes up half the studio and everyone wants to jump into it. After untangling myself from inside it I managed to take a few photos...


With more string and a lot more patience I want to fill the room, totally take over every corner, object, and anyone standing still for long enough!
This work shows the mass of the Internet and how the network grows and grows with new websites and more information added every day. In many ways it works much like a natural organism developing and evolving, which is almost the opposite of the digital phenomenon that the internet represents.  This is my response to taking something invisible and digital and representing it in a tactile physical form for people to understand.Thee string is playful, colourful and a simple childlike way of communicating the complex Internet.

Day 1

Day 2


Day 3