more works in the society series

More sociological observations - the masks we wear to cover our true identity and to conform to the 'normal' accepted way of behaving, often isolating others.

Multiple personalities that we all have, projected out in front of us like a smoke screen.


Touch My Face

1st image from a series of pieces on society and its effects on the singular.

Taking initial inspiration from William Golding's Lord of the Flies I am exploring the sociological and psychological effects of social groups and social construction; from the Stanford Prison experiments to Goffman's mask theory. More to follow...


Competition Entry Folio Society - The Outsider

The Outsider (Strangers)
by Albert Camus

Competition entry for the folio society

The Outsiders, set in 1940's France, deals with issues of existentialism and the 'Absurdity of life'. The concept that every person is responsible for their own being and attaching meaning. To live passionately and sincerely in spite of many external obstacles and distracts like despair anger and boredom.
Throughout  the book Camus talks of the futileness of life and the absurdity of the human condition to find rational meaning within an irrational world.

opening scene where the protagonist Meursault is called to the retirement home where his mother has just passed away. Meursault is a detached and irrational character, feeling no pain for his dead mother as he sees no point in doing so. People are born, they live and then they die. After death there is nothing else and you fall back into nonexistence. Throughout the book the Church or Christianity represents the ordered society, and the way that humanity strives to place meaning on an irrational world. It is the opposite to Meursaults free life and is seen as an almost oppressive force.
In this image I have tried to remove any emotional attachment to the scene - the black rectangle of the coffin beneath the power of the rigid and geometric Church. The idea that it doesn't matter where or how his mother is buried, the simple fact is that she is dead.

This scene is where Meursault shoots dead an Arab who fought his friend. It is a strange part of the story, where again no emotional attachment is made by the character but he comments on the blinding hot sun and his mild heat stroke as a reason for killing the man who is lying by the rock. One shot kills him but Meursault continues to fire 4 more times for no obvious reason. Later on in the book this is seen as a sinister action as he continues to shoot bullets into the dead man. But it is more to do with the idea that the man is dead, one bullet or five will make no difference.

The final scene of the book is looking forward to the execution of Meursauly by guillotine. He finally realises the absurdity of life and how it is foolish to cling to life. Every man must die at some point and death is the only certainty within an irrational world. He finally come to terms with his death and this realization sets him free. In the face of his immanent death Meursault finds the strength to love life. Ironically it is his execution that opens the door to life in Meursault's mind.


Latest works

Silk-screen print work. A visual response to William Golding's Lord of the Flies, part of a collection of imagery looking at the sociological developments of humanity... deep hu?!


La Belle et la Bete

Different from my usual work this is the poster for the production of La Belle et la Bete (Beauty and the Beast) at the Arts University College Bournemouth.
I went to London a few days ago and saw the work of Rob Ryan which inspired me to produce this magical fairy tale feel for the poster. After talks with the director and a 2day turn around this is what I came up with. Individually painted paper to get the texture then all hand cut to A3 scale, if I didn't need glasses before I definitely do now!


Bruce Willis... Need I say more

Drawing for the fundraising AUCB Illustration Book coming soon, title A recipe for...
This will be A recipe for being Bruce Willis for the day:
Kick open all doors,
Commando roll over large open areas,
Kill helicopters with cars etc

The basic stuff really...

Behind Bars

Prep for my first offset lithography print which I will be doing monday, who knows what will happen!
Prints to follow...


Kings College London Fundraiser Flyer

Latest MEGA flyer, glittery lovely and MEGA COOL!


G4ME F4CE T-shirt design in stores now

My design in Officers Club stores now!
T-shirt photo coming when I get the T...


Love on the Dole

Initial poster design for a production of 'Love on the Dole'
Performed by 3rd year Acting at the Arts University College Bournemouth

Printed Booklet

The final booklet has been printed and distributed to all the excited freshers' of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama... Lets hope they appreciate all my hard work!



MEGA Broadway logo

The latest bit of work for the MEGA team in London. Keep an eye out for their up coming events: www.m-e-g-a.com

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama Booklet Illustration

A few illustrations from my current project: Fresher's Booklet for the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (RWCMD). Big task and with deadline looming its hard to find time for anything else! Such is the life of freelance. Photos of the printed booklet when I get it. Untill then its back to work...


Get your GAME FACE on

Designed to promote the G4ME F4CE brand.
T-shirt design to be printed by Officer's Club and sold in the Oxford street store (London). Release date coming soon!!!


Expose yourself

Small collection of work as part of the 'expose yourself' exhibition held at 60million postcards, Bournemouth. A couple of my personal screen-print portraits and project work.


Two Paths Diverged in a Yellow Wood

As part of the divergence themed project I produced an animation loosely based on Robbert Frost's poem the road not taken. Wondered around the new forest with a camera and friend desperately seeking inspiration, with these results...
Where as Frost seems to regret that he could not travel both paths, experience both possibilities, I decided to make a decision, follow it through and never look back. There were many times where we came across diverging paths, but the idea that it didn't matter what path we took was liberating. Fully immersing myself in the experience of the immediate surroundings and not wondering what could have been. It was a simple process acted in a small wood in Dorset, but the philosophy behind it was interesting: Making decisions and sticking with them, not regretting the decisions made and devoting yourself to its outcome. A philosophy that we should all apply to our lives in varying amounts. The more we open our eyes to what is around us rather than looking elsewhere the more we will get out of where we find ourselves, be that on a physical or psychological level.
The animation was an attempt to reflect this idea; a simple innocent process, without bells and flashing lights, just enjoying the moment.

 complex lighting
I spent 2days shooting all the footage with minor alterations and light changes. The slightest bit of wind would set me back 30min as I re-set the stage! But out of this came some really interesting photos...

Links to the animations:

Final animation
Longer version with footprints

Nick Buckley

Program and poster design for Nick Farr's (3rd Year BA Acting, Arts University College Bournemouth) final major project, portraying the life and emotions of Jeff Buckley.


Summer's here and its Conga Time!

Poster produced to promote the up-coming world record breaking attempt for the U.K's longest conga line, happening down in Bournemouth.
This is a competition piece so vote for it when the draw starts in the daily echo paper!


Don't Talk to Strangers

Working with I am VIP TV, based in Newcastle, I created this logo for their latest venture; don't talk to strangers. Check out the animated version online : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSdaSV3A1iQ

I am VIP TV is an exciting new group producing promotion videos/films, music videos and short feature films, there is just no stopping them! Check out the website for more. I am VIP TV


Fight Poverty silkscreen print

I am currently taking part in the Lottery of Birth exhibition at the London School of Economics (LSE), part of the United Youth Development Organization.

"No-one can decide where they are born – but this first fleeting moment of all of our lives matters more than anything that happens after. It affects everything: health, education, your future, even how long you live. Where you are born is not something you can control but its impact will follow you throughout your life." Rachel Schofield

I wanted to reflect the element of luck and chance in life, how one small thing can change your life for ever, for better or for worse. The project inspired me; that there is hope and people in the world trying to improve the lives of others, as well as the others who exploit and destroy lives.



Some bald wrestler guy

Personal work I did over Easter:
Found a bald wrestler in the paper... liked it... drew it... liked it even more.
Simple as that!


Print outside the box

Experimental print-making workshop held with Andy Parker just before the end of term. It gave us the chance to produce some personal work with focus on trying new methods and thinking outside the box.
I worked in collaboration with Ben Brooks on this piece, and with no real direction we jumped into it!

Inking up a wooden pallet with red we printed the background on a large scale. After a few tests and muck ups half the studio was covered in large rolls of pallet printed paper but we persevered...


I Heart B'town Beach Event

Poster Design for the I heart Btown Beach Event, sponsored by River Island. In connection with Julia's House charity, Sport BU, and Graduate Fashion Week. Its a really exciting event and a good chance to finally enjoy the beach after months of wind and rain!
For this poster i was asked to produce an illustration to go with the designer's poster. I had to fight a bit for what I wanted but this time the illustrator won over the graphic designer and had some elements moved around to give my illustration some room to make a stand. Working with other people on a project can be hard, least of all communicating with them and understanding what they want but it is all part of a learning experience!


Final faces

It has been a crazy busy week with commissions and Uni work but I have finally found a space second to update the blog...

I have finished the narrative brief, and covered every square inch of the studio in paint, glue, bleach, and dirty brushes. So all in all a very productive few days.

My response to Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness took the form of an animation, displaying a mans fall into insanity, as his personality changes and the old self is covered up and overpowered by the new. I scanned in a total of 446 individual images, all screen-printed and then developed with paint and bleach, to create the fast changing (12fps) animation.
This project was as much a narration about personal development as it was a personal development for myself, destroying so many perfectly good screen-prints was a painful process, but one which has helped me to not be so precious about work and shows how important it is to develop my practice and push it in different directions. The only way to know is to try!