Fight Poverty silkscreen print

I am currently taking part in the Lottery of Birth exhibition at the London School of Economics (LSE), part of the United Youth Development Organization.

"No-one can decide where they are born – but this first fleeting moment of all of our lives matters more than anything that happens after. It affects everything: health, education, your future, even how long you live. Where you are born is not something you can control but its impact will follow you throughout your life." Rachel Schofield

I wanted to reflect the element of luck and chance in life, how one small thing can change your life for ever, for better or for worse. The project inspired me; that there is hope and people in the world trying to improve the lives of others, as well as the others who exploit and destroy lives.



Some bald wrestler guy

Personal work I did over Easter:
Found a bald wrestler in the paper... liked it... drew it... liked it even more.
Simple as that!


Print outside the box

Experimental print-making workshop held with Andy Parker just before the end of term. It gave us the chance to produce some personal work with focus on trying new methods and thinking outside the box.
I worked in collaboration with Ben Brooks on this piece, and with no real direction we jumped into it!

Inking up a wooden pallet with red we printed the background on a large scale. After a few tests and muck ups half the studio was covered in large rolls of pallet printed paper but we persevered...