Final faces

It has been a crazy busy week with commissions and Uni work but I have finally found a space second to update the blog...

I have finished the narrative brief, and covered every square inch of the studio in paint, glue, bleach, and dirty brushes. So all in all a very productive few days.

My response to Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness took the form of an animation, displaying a mans fall into insanity, as his personality changes and the old self is covered up and overpowered by the new. I scanned in a total of 446 individual images, all screen-printed and then developed with paint and bleach, to create the fast changing (12fps) animation.
This project was as much a narration about personal development as it was a personal development for myself, destroying so many perfectly good screen-prints was a painful process, but one which has helped me to not be so precious about work and shows how important it is to develop my practice and push it in different directions. The only way to know is to try!

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