Two Paths Diverged in a Yellow Wood

As part of the divergence themed project I produced an animation loosely based on Robbert Frost's poem the road not taken. Wondered around the new forest with a camera and friend desperately seeking inspiration, with these results...
Where as Frost seems to regret that he could not travel both paths, experience both possibilities, I decided to make a decision, follow it through and never look back. There were many times where we came across diverging paths, but the idea that it didn't matter what path we took was liberating. Fully immersing myself in the experience of the immediate surroundings and not wondering what could have been. It was a simple process acted in a small wood in Dorset, but the philosophy behind it was interesting: Making decisions and sticking with them, not regretting the decisions made and devoting yourself to its outcome. A philosophy that we should all apply to our lives in varying amounts. The more we open our eyes to what is around us rather than looking elsewhere the more we will get out of where we find ourselves, be that on a physical or psychological level.
The animation was an attempt to reflect this idea; a simple innocent process, without bells and flashing lights, just enjoying the moment.

 complex lighting
I spent 2days shooting all the footage with minor alterations and light changes. The slightest bit of wind would set me back 30min as I re-set the stage! But out of this came some really interesting photos...

Links to the animations:

Final animation
Longer version with footprints

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