Modern interpretation of Heart of Darkness

eJoseph Conrad's short novel The Heart of Darkness (the inspiration behind Francis Ford Coppola's amazing film Apocalypse Now) tells the story of the demise of man in an alien environment. He talks of the futile efforts of the colonizing Europeans to tame the wild land and harness its natural resources, resulting in fatigue, sickness and ultimately death. It is a story of man's blinding greed and fragile nature as the deeper they go the more they change.
It is this transition from the original self to a darker diseased self that I found so compelling.
The fall of man.

The the work so far...

So far I have screen-printed over 150 photographs of my housemate showing various emotions, marking the fall into depression. I'm not sure where this is going yet but the exploration into playing with colour and manipulation of imagery, looking to produce a animation at the end.

Playing with the idea of a changing personality, destruction of the original person as it becomes more corrupt and unrecognizable.


Basically just throwing paint around the room...



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